DMs Guild Shenanigans

I guess things like that can be found happening everywhere.

Some DMs Guild creators have been taking advantage in the ranking system in order to get their content reach platinum status in no time. Apparently the idea was to release a product at the low low price of $0.01 and then buy 1000 copies. You need to sell 1000 copies in order to reach platinum status. Then you can safely increase the price as you seem fit and enjoy the money you’ll be making for your platinum bestseller.

Thankfully this has been fixed by the OneBookshelf team and action has been taken against those who thought it would be a great idea to do something like that.

This is disgusting on so many levels. By doing this you disrespect both the other creators and the people who buy products from the website. You try to eliminate the competition in an unfair(at best and illegal at worst) way. Then you profit from people who trust the ranking system thinking your product is worth buying.

It appears some creators were suspecting something could be wrong due to some irregularities in some titles and it seems they were right. I’m happy to see the creators having a strong community and supporting each other. This helps everyone improve but also weed out outliers like this one.

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