#RPGaDay 2018: Day 6 – How Can Players Make A World Seem Real?

Wait! Players can do that?!

RPG-a-Day 2018

Joking aside, this is something the players can and should do.

I’m going to tell you a secret. The GM is a human as well(at least in most cases) so they can’t take everything into consideration. Sometimes they may forget to add a very specific detail that may come to play. And that’s where the players come in.

I believe most GMs don’t want the characters to be just pawns that move around their world. GMs explore their worlds along with their players but also shape them. The contribution of the players doesn’t always have to be huge. Yes, sitting with your GM and talking about the tribe your Elf Druid comes from can help a lot, but the small things count as well. How is your character’s favorite drink called? Do they have any cousins that aren’t that friendly with the law?

Moreover, you don’t have to provide a complete idea. Providing ideas in the form of questions can help as well. Does this village have a shrine of Pelor? Is there a chandelier in this room? Does this house have a cellar? Are there any forests nearby?

All these may seem pretty simple questions. However, as I mentioned, the GM can’t prepare for anything and during a session they have a ton of things to track. These simple questions and ideas can help them more than you think. Because details like that give a world an extra layer that help make it seem real.

And that’s my answer for today’s question. I know, this is a really simple thing but, in my opinion, it’s really important. And since it’s that simple every player should do it. But what about you? How do you think a player can make a world seem real? I’d also like to see someone provide an opinion from the player’s perspective.

Tomorrow’s question is “How can a GM make the stakes important?”. This is a really good question and I can’t wait to answer it.

So until then, have fun!

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