Twitter Giveaway

This is a way for me to say thank you.

I’ve rocketed past 6000 followers on Twitter. This isn’t something I would have expected to say. I still haven’t properly realized it, to be honest.

Thanks to Twitter I have met some really awesome people that love the hobby. Moreover, these people have helped me get my work out there by sharing it. This is more than I could have asked for. And that’s why I want to give something back in return.

I’ve decided to run a small giveaway.

How to participate

  • You have to follow me on Twitter. Most of you already do, so that’s done.
  • You have to like this tweet.
  • You have to retweet the same tweet using the hashtag #TheKindGM and also include your favorite GM tip.

The Rewards

And now for the good part. So, what am I giving away? There are going to be three winners in this giveaway.

Winner number one gets a copy of the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron. This is the second setting released by Wizards of the Coast for D&D 5e, after the Forgotten Realms.

Winner number two gets a copy of the Shore of Dreams. It’s a really awesome adventure by Potion Poison Press. By the way, Poison Potion Press was amazing enough to provide this copy so please go give them some love.

Winner number three gets copies of DM Jam #1 and #2. This means they get a collection of 14 adventures in total.

Other info

I’ll be running this giveaway until next Tuesday, 2018/08/14, at 23.00 GMT. The winners will be announced in the next couple of days.

Each person can participate once.

The winners will be drawn at random. The GM tip part is there just for fun.

This is my first time running a giveaway so I hope I don’t mess things up. In case I do, please bare with me and I promise to fix the possible mess as fast as possible. And to be honest, that’s one of the reasons I have only digital rewards.

Good luck everyone!

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