#RPGaDay 2018: Day 26 – Gaming ambition for the next 12 months

Let’s make plans!

RPG-a-Day 2018

With my luck I have stopped making long term plans until things get better. But I’ll do this just for fun. There three gaming related things I’d like to make plans for.

Gaming Itself

I want to play. I’d love to get back to GMing again and start a new campaign. Hopefully that will happen at some point in he next 12 months. But apart from D&D 5e, I want to try more systems. I’ve been reading the Pathfinder 2nd Edition playtest and want to run it. I also really want to try Tales from the Loop and maybe give the Star Wars RPG another go.


I want to do more RPG writing. I’ve been working on a couple of things but I want to do more. Well, actually I want to first finish the things I’ve been working on and then start more. Currently I’m doing some writing for two Kickstarter projects. Moreover, I’m working on a couple of things by myself but also with a good friend of mine, Anastasios from the Random Encounter Blog. They are in early stages so I’m not going to talk much about them. I will talk about them when I have something worth talking about.

The Blog

And last but not least, I want to keep writing here. This is my place and I really enjoy writing for it. I want to upgrade a few things and maybe add new elements to the blog. I also want to write more and about more subjects. But again, this may happen in the next 12 months but not very soon.

And that’s my answer for today’s question. This can be a hard question but what do you hope to accomplish, gaming wise, in the next 12 moths?

Tomorrow there is no question. It’s a request to share a great stream or actual play.

So until then, have fun!

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