Humble RPG Bundle – The Lord Of The Rings By Cubicle 7

How did I miss this?


Humble Bundle is back at it again with RPG books and this time it’s Lord of the Rings. I saw the core rulebook recently at a LGS and was thinking about getting it. Now I can grab it for $1 to see if I really want a physical copy(spoiler: the answer is almost always yes).

But wow that’s another good book bundle. For $15 you can get PDFs worth $270. This is broken down to 12 books, 8 map packs, and 1 GM screen. I’m not really sure how a GM screen works as a PDF, though I can guess it could be used as a reference sheet.

You can check out the bundle here if you’re interested(Just to be clear, this is an affiliate link). There are still 10 days left so I may wait a bit to get some funds in order to get the full bundle, because I do believe it’s worth it.

And until next time, have fun!

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