Humble RPG Book Bundle – Pathfinder 2018 by Frog God Games

Humble Bundle has found out I like RPGs and is killing it.



I’m serious. Since I first bought the D&D 5e bundle, Humble Bundle has released a D&D comic bundle, and right now there are two RPG book bundles running.  The Lord of the Rings began a few days ago and now there’s the Pathfinder one.

For $15 you get $398 worth of  PDFs. I haven’t played Pathfinder yet, but I’m interested in it. I’ve gotten the Gamemastery Guide and I’ve been reading it whenever I get the time, because it’s really good. I’ve also ordered the Core Rulebook because I want to compare it with the Pathfinder 2nd Edition playtest rules. So this appears to be a good opportunity for me to grab some more Pathfinder material.

What has piqued my interest is the Bard’s Gate. I like fantasy cities and this one seems interesting. The Book of Lost Spells is intriguing as well, just because it has 700 spells in it and I really want to see what it’s all about.

You can check the bundle here.

P.S: The link above is an affiliate link. This helps me more than you think, if you decide to grab this bundle, without any additional cost for you.

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