Kickstarter – World of Revilo Campaign Setting & Bestiary for 5E DND

A new campaign setting compatible with 5e.

Update: The project has launched and can be found here.

Revilo is a continent that was discovered 30 years ago and is filled with interesting new monsters.

In the past 30 years humans, elves, and dwarves have crashed onto the coast of Revilo, discovering a land the other side of the world had never seen. One human has built an army and hired the vile, marauding Greyskrulls to aid him on his conquests. Will the rest of Revilo be able to form an alliance before this army conquers them? Will the gods wake from hibernation to keep their people safe? 

While the outlanders try to find their way in this new land, a revered sect of 18, known as the Keepers of Secrets, are slowly being hunted down by a new cult. Inside each of the Keepers of Secrets is a fragment of the evil god Ghyrma. The Keepers of Secrets fear that this new cult is collecting these pieces to try and resurrect the long-forsaken god.  

So Revilo is a dangerous world that is becoming unstable from both outside and inside forces.

The Kickstarter will launch with 6 new player races, 3 sub-classes, 2 backgrounds, and 70 monsters. The key phrase here is “will launch with” which means there can be extra content through stretch goals. What is interesting to me is the design of the races. I’d like to see how some of them work.

This project offers a campaign setting book, a bestiary, monster cards, and plastic pawns as its tier rewards. Of course, there are some other interesting add ons.

Apart from that, I’d like to note two more things.

The first one is that Norse Foundry is helping with the publishing and manufacturing of the products of this Kickstarter. This means the bar is set high for the quality of the rewards.

Secondly, I’d like to mention that the project is friendly towards backers that don’t live in the US. I appreciate that greatly. Our hobby is getting even more popular and communities grow outside the US as well. It’s good to see creators acknowledge that and try to take us into consideration.

The project goes live on the 18th of June. I’ll update this post with a link then.

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