Humble Book Bundle – Lord of the Rings & Pathfinder

Two cool book bundles!

Hello, friends! It’s been some time. I will be making a post in the next days giving an update of how things are going with my army service. But this post is to inform you of two really good book bundles by Humble Bundle.

Pathfinder: Lost Omens Lore Archive by Paizo

Delve into the rich lore of Pathfinder’s Age of Lost Omens campaign setting! Get Sandpoint, Light of the Lost CoastGuide to AbsalomPlanar Adventures; and more!

For me this is a good source of inspiration. And if you consider that just Taldor, the First Empire costs 18 euros to buy in paper form, the bundle looks even better! I’m also really interested in Plane-Hopper’s Handbook and Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars. What can I say? I like the idea of planar travel in fantasy settings.

You can check out the bundle here.

Lord of the Rings 5e by Cubicle 7

Adventure awaits you in Middle Earth! We’ve teamed up with Cubicle 7 for our newest RPG book bundle. Get the ebooks you need to play 5th edition campaigns in the world of Arda and visit well-known places like the Shire, the Elven Kingdoms, and more. Plus, your purchase will support Worldbuilders!

This must be quite a successful bundle because it’s not the first time it’s available. If you want to check out Lord of the Rings with a low budget this is a good choice.

You can check out the bundle here.

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