Humble Book Bundle – Pathfinder Second Edition

This is one of the most insane Humble bundles I’ve ever seen.

I am serious. This one gets you the Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook for $4.50. This is the digital version. You can even get a physical copy for $26.50 plus shipping.

Claim your physical copy of the Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook, in addition to the digital versions of BestiaryLost Omens World Guide, and enough adventures to keep you and your friends entertained for hours of epic gaming around the table or on virtual tabletop.

Overall, this bundle provides the Core Rulebook, 3 supplements, 7 adventures, 11 flip-mats, 1 map, and 11 short stories. The shipping fees prohibit me from getting the physical copy, unfortunately, but I’m definitely getting the rest of the bundle.

You can check out the bundle here.

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