New DriveThruRPG Release – Undead at Every Size

I am very happy to announce the release of our latest supplement! (discount code below)

Undead at Every Size is a collection of 16 undead creatures. Well, one is not undead, it’s a Goblin Death Shaman but it has a Goblin Zombie tagging along.

We’ve been working for some time on it but my army service and COVID-19 lockdown cause some serious delays. But now I’ts out and I am very happy.

Why undead? Well, undead are a very interesting creature type. You can give any existing monster an undead version, as well as make a lot of new ones. They’ve been part of a lot cultures whose history can be traced back to hundred, or even thousands, of years.

Moreover, the different subtypes allow for a lot of variety. You have sentient, non-sentient, and semi-sentient ones. By the way, in the next episode of The Kind GM podcast, we are discussing the undead. I haven’t finished editing it so I just hope our conversation is coherent enough to make sense.

What did you say? You didn’t know I have a podcast? I’m not surprised, I am horrible at promoting my content. But here you go, you can find it on YouTube and SoundCloud (and in your favourite podcast apps, except Google Podcasts because it hates Greece).

Oh yeah, about the discount code. Thank for reading until now and if you are a frequent reader you have my deepest appreciation. So here you go. The discount code will be active until August 2nd. I hope you like this supplement. And please make sure to leave a rating and a review. Feedback is important.

And until next time, have fun!

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