#RPGaDay 2020: Day 2 – Change

The day hasn’t changed and I am back with another post!

Not my best pun, but I still had to make it. That’s because some things never change, like my love for puns. But others do, like system editions.

Why are there multiple editions? Multiple reasons. Copyright and Intellectual Property evasion, money, and even getting along with the times.

Is having multiple editions a bad thing? Not really, even though you may hear some people here and there say the opposite. That’s usually on the internet, however, where the greatest battlefield of the edition wars is located.

Awesome map logo (click on it)

But I do believe change is good. You get some fresh content and rules. Things get updated and shaped to the preferences of the audience, and based on feedback from the previous editions. I can’t say it doesn’t hurt our wallet when a new edition comes out and you want to check it out but I don’t want to focus on that right now.

Even if an edition is considered a failure during its time, there is still feedback to be gained from it. And if it ends up getting post mortem recognition about how awesome it actually was and the reason it was considered a failure was because of memeing about how bad it was even without having even tried it, it’s still feedback.

But in the end, if you don’t like change you don’t have to embrace it. Nobody’s going to put you in jail if you don’t like 5th Edition D&D and want to keep playing 3rd. However, you must respect other people’s opinion and preferences. And no, just because you’ve been playing D&D since 500 B.C. doesn’t mean you’re entitled to anything.

I’m sorry if I sounded a bit too salty in this one. I’m not salty at all. I just wanted to get my point across. You do you and let the others do what they enjoy. There are too many options when it comes to tabletop RPGs so there’s no reason arguing about them.

Tomorrow’s word is “thread” so I’ll be teaching you how to write thread friendly code. Or maybe I won’t and I’ll just talk about tailoring. You can’t tell me what to write about. Well you can suggest a topic if you like but that’s not the point. Anyway, see you tomorrow.

P.S: 4th Edition D&D is an gem and you can FYTE ME.

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