#RPGaDay 2020: Day 1 – Beginning

Feels good to be back…

I missed last year’s RPGaDay for various reasons. Not happening this year. However, I made sure to keep my custom of not starting on day one. So here we are on day two, talking about day one’s prompt. Which is…


Beginnings are the best. That feeling of the new shores you are about to explore when you are picking up a new hobby, starting a new book, trying a sport you’ve never tried before. It has no equal.

And that’s why you should keep that going forever by adding new elements to everything you do.

For example, when it comes to tabletop RPGs we’re talking about here, there are a lot of ways to do so.

The first and most obvious is to try a new system every now and then. It allows your mind to have some sort of vacation and you get to explore something new. Now you may say learning a new system is no vacation. Sure but try to see it that way, as something you’re excited about and not a chore.

Awesome map logo (click on it)

I recently got into Warhammer 40K, the miniature wargame, and I need to go over 200 pages worth of rules. I have already a ton of reading to do, both literature and technical books. Have you seen my library? Well, no because I haven’t shown it to you but I must correct this mistake. But anyway, the point is I am happy to go over those 200 pages because then I can get to play with tiny demigod soldiers and weird robots and crazy Orks and the list goes on. Did I fall asleep reading the rules? Yes but that’s besides the point!

And hey, there are a ton of RPGs out there that are less than 10 pages long.

But let’s say you’re too bothered to learn a new system. Then learn a system you already know. Let’s face it. Even if you know a system, there’s definitely something you don’t remember and never used before. How many of you have used the morale, horror, or madness rules from the 5th Edition D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide? Have you used a disease? What about all those poisons mentioned in there?

What I’m trying to say here is take the system you know and be a bit nitpicky about it. Break it apart, put it back again, remove stuff, add stuff. Have fun with it! And if you do, your players will as well. Because you will end up bringing something new to the table and they will want to mess with it.

I really hope I make sense here.

And that’s day one’s prompt. If this was actually day one, here I’d be saying that tomorrow’s word is “change”. But since I follow the creed of “the first rule of being sarcastic is to first be sarcastic towards thyself”, I’ll just say see you in a bit.

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4 thoughts on “#RPGaDay 2020: Day 1 – Beginning

  1. Hi there,
    Great to see you joining in the RPGaDay stuff. Very much in favour of your comments above. I am a great fan of stealing ideas from other games and bolting them onto my core system, which happens to be 1st Ed D&D (old dog, new tricks, etc.) in the guise of Osric version 2. In his own game, the DM can do no wrong, as long as his players are enjoying themselves!
    Simon Miles
    PS I did the dungeon map for RPGaDay btw – more here http://www.dunrominuniversitypress.co.uk – I notice the addy is missing a bit from the pic you are using – no worries!

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