The Kind GM Podcast Episode 5: Let’s Talk Undead

Episode 5! I can’t believe we’ve reached 5 episodes.

In this one, we have a quite long conversation about undead. What are they? Why are they? When are they?

It gets off rails too many times and it gets quite abstract at some points. But that’s the goal. We wanted to give you a lot of food for thought and not plain answers or just our opinions. The best way to consume this episode is while doing worldbuilding for your setting, so you can answer the questions we pose for your world.

And since we wanted to keep the whole episode undead themed, The Chaos Archives come to provide an interesting undead concept.

Here’s the SoundCloud link the episode as well.

If you have any suggestions on the future episode subjects let me know! And if you have specific questions you’d like me to answer in the podcast, let me know as well!


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