Kickstarter – Memorable Monsters: A 5th Edition Guide to Monsters and NPCs

Memorable Monsters will bring unique Monsters & NPCs with backgrounds, complex motives and a variety of ways to use them in your stories.

My friends over at Crit Academy have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a D&D 5th Edition product.

Memorable Monsters will be the ultimate guide to monsters and NPCs, bringing 50 fully fleshed out monsters and NPCs to your 5th Edition game – from ancient powerful dragons who seek to subjugate the kingdoms around its lair, to once-powerful wizards who flew too close to the sun and are now cursed. Memorable Monsters contains detailed backgrounds, short and long-term goals, and a collection of different ways to include the monster into your stories and campaigns. From a traditional villain, or a source of information, to a quest giver, merchant or ally, you’ll find what you need to make all your encounters memorable.

Though the stat blocks are meant for D&D 5e, they are easy to convert and the rest of the content about the monsters and NPCs is system neutral. So incorporating them into your preferred system and setting is a piece of cake.

Click the image for full PDF sample

There is also a Facebook group for the project where you can get even more information, join the discussion around the project, and get more previews of the work.

Click the image for full PDF sample

Crit Academy has bestselling authors and I am sure this product is going to be an excellent one. If you want a ton new monsters and NPCs with fully developed backgrounds and motivations, you should definitely give this project a look.

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