#RPGaDay 2020: Day 8 – Shade

I spent the same amount of time trying to come up with a witty line to start this post as I spent writing it. I failed.

I want to talk about Shadows for a bit, as in the D&D undead monsters. What I find interesting in their lore is that they prefer attacking people “untainted by evil”. The reasoning behind it is that these people keep their dark thoughts and impulses in the darkness, where shadows hunger. I really like this and just while writing this I had to stop to write down a few story hooks related to that.

But I won’t be focusing on the Shadows today. Let’s talk impulses and, by extension, guilty pleasures. Everyone has at least one guilty pleasure and I bet you everyone has one that’s related to our hobby. From liking an extremely bad system to feeling warm inside by putting your dice in the correct order in front of you.

Awesome map logo (click on it)

One of my guilty pleasures are glaives. When I get the chance to be a player, I almost always go with a glaive wielding character. I even named a Warforged character Glaive. I usually combine this with either a Fighter or a Paladin. And just to be clear, I’ve been into Battle Master Fighters that use a glaive before I realized how broken they can be.

And that’s all for today. I shouldn’t reveal my guilty pleasures all at once, should I? Do you have any hobby related guilty pleasures? Wrong question, actually. Which hobby related guilty pleasure are you willing to share here? Tomorrow’s word is “light”. I like that it’s kinda opposite with today’s word.

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