#RPGaDay 2020: Day 29 – Ride

I have finally caught up…for now…

For today’s post, I want to bring to your attention something that you are already aware of.

The combat wheelchair is a concept that brings awareness to disabilities. “You cannot restore what was not there to begin with” is a phrase in the FAQ for the combat wheelchair that touched me. Moreover, it’s a really cool design that keeps getting updated and it’s totally free.

I really don’t want to get into the whole hate thing. Yeah, there was hate from people complaining about wheelchairs not existing in a fantasy world. To those people, the only response I deem worthy is a simple “okay” as I go back to doing my thing. If they don’t want wheelchairs in their games then good for them. But they are in no position to decide what everyone else is going to do.

This is some really cool work that feels like it’s coming from the heart, and not a shallow attempt to keep up with the times.

And that’s all for today. It feels good finally catching up with RPGaDay. Tomorrow’s word is “portal”.

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