Humble Bundle – Cyberpunk 2020 & Warhammer 40k

A double whammy from Humble Bundle for two of the most well-known scifi tabletop RPGs of all time.

Humble RPG Book Bundle: Cyberpunk by R. Talsorian

With the release of the Cyberpunk 2077 videogame finally arriving, it’s time to revisit the original (well, the second edition of the original) tabletop RPG – Cyberpunk 2020. A grand total of 30 PDFs, including of course the Core Rules, but also a whole lot of supplements with worldbuilding, items, and a whole lot more. Even if you don’t play Cyberpunk, I think there’s a lot of very useful information to be found even if you run a campaign in a different system – and to be honest, it’s also a little piece of TTRPG history even if it’s only a PDF and not a physical book. You can check out the bundle here.

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Humble RPG Book Bundle: Warhammer 40k: Black Crusade & Only War by Cubicle 7

Another legendary scifi RPG, Warhammer 40k has had several source books with different focuses. Here, we have two versions with a more military focus: Black Crusade, for those who feel more aligned with Chaos, and Only War, for the brave Guardsmen of the Imperium. Both Core Rules and Game Master’s Kits are obviously included, although in separate tiers, as well as (I believe) all official releases for both. Check out the bundle here.

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