Humble RPG Bundles – Starfinder, Mutant Chronicles, 13th Age

Three different bundles are up for sale, with all sorts of RPGs. This should be interesting.


First up, we have Starfinder. Quite a well known science fiction/science fantasy RPG, in this bundle you’ll find the Beginner Box (which includes the Heroes’ handbook, Game Master’s Manual, and a few more things), as well as campaign settings, adventures, and plenty of maps. If you’re willing to pay a bit more, you can also get the actual, physical Beginner Box rather than a PDF version, as well as a hardcover copy of the Pact Worlds campaign setting book.

You can check the bundle here.

Mutant Chronicles

Up next, we have the 3rd Edition of Mutant Chronicles, a post-apocalyptic scifi RPG. In this pack we get the Core Book, as well as a lot of campaign settings and character options – but that’s not all. There are also a lot of printable cards for NPCs and some mechanics unique to the Mutant Chronicles system, as well as files for 3D printers for a few minis. Finally, you can also get a 50% discount for a physical copy of the Core Book.

You can check the bundle here.

13th Age

Finally, we have 13th Age, a fantasy tabletop RPG. Here we have all sorts of things included: of course, we get the core rulebook, but also plenty of adventures, supplements with classes, monsters, and items, campaign settings and lore, art and maps, and even a music album.

You can check the bundle here.

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