DM’s Guild Review: One Stop Shops

One Stop Shops: 25 Shops, Shopkeepers, Side Quests, and Magic Items is a supplement by Jack Terry.

As you can guess from the title, it is a collection of small shops and various other stuff associated with them. The 25 shops are divided into categories depending on where you might encounter them – two of them are found in villages, four in towns, 13 in cities, and 6 can be found roaming around the roads. Of course, that doesn’t stop you from putting them wherever you want, it’s just that their NPCs and aesthetic of each is more suited to their intended location.

Each shop is presented in the same format: first, we get the shop’s name, what is its primary merchandise, and a short description. After that, there is a description of the NPC shopkeeper – race, alignment, personality, a bit of backstory – and a list of items for sale. Only the important items are listed that cost at least a bit of gold; there’s no need to list every single tiny thing a shop can sell, of course, and you can use your own judgement to decide what other inventory they carry. Each shop, beyond the items already appearing in the Player’s Handbook or the Dungeon Master’s Guide, also has one or two extra special items – sometimes magic, sometimes not. They’re quite simple, don’t expect any artifacts or something of that sort, but they are still useful adventuring gear and each one is nicely designed and selected to fit the theme of the particular shop. Finally, each shop also has a quick plot hook for a simple quest – usually fetching some ingredient or other, but there are some more interesting and open-ended ones as well that can turn into a bigger deal.

While each shop usually has little text for it, about half a page for everything mentioned above, I think it’s more than enough to give you a pretty good idea of what you’re dealing with. The NPCs especially are all succinctly described, but you instantly get a feel for their personality and how they act, especially combined with their plot hooks. Overall, I’d say that One Stop Shops fulfills it’s purpose perfectly: If you want a few shops that have a bit of character beyong “generic adventuring gear”, as well as some fun shopkeepers for your players to interact with, this is a fantastic supplement with a lot of content – especially considering it’s very low price of $1.

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