Kickstarter – Tanares RPG for 5e

Tanares RPG for 5e is a truly massive project by a team containing some of the biggest names in DnD.

Created by Dragori Games, there are a lot of things included in the project – so many, that I can’t really summarize it in just a single sentence. Let’s start with the basics: Tanares RPG and Arena: the Conquest are previous independent RPG projects by Dragori games, with both PvP and cooperative game modes – and this kickstarter brings them to the 5th edition of DnD.

Calling some of the people behind this kickstarter “well-known” would be quaint; we have Ed Greenwood himself, the creator of the Forgotten Realms; Bruce Nesmith, lead designer for Skyrim and also part of many other RPG projects, including Ravenloft; Anthony Pryor, who has worked on a whole range of RPGs; and many many more. You can see the whole team here for more details.

So what’s actually the content of the kickstarter? Well, there are 4 main parts. First, we have the Player’s guide to Tanares. It includes 4 new classes, 4 new races, rules to create a Team of adventurers, new spells, items, subclasses, backgrounds, and feats, and new mechanics are rules such as PvP, aerial combat, and more. This could be a massive kickstarter all on its own, but we have a lot more to go through.

Second is the Tanares RPG Campaign Sourcebook, containing information for the high-fantasy setting of Tanares. This includes cities, provinces, all sorts of locations, organizations, plot hooks and adventure ideas, as well as a ton of new monsters and creatures including the Avatar Dragons – which sound like a big deal. Apparently it also includes, and i quote, “Rules for interesting traveling (through space or time)”, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Third is the Adventure through the Realms of Madness, and adventure for levels 3 to 12. Something to note is that this adventure requires content from the two previous books, so also keep that in mind. This is a pretty big campaign, with a lot of things to do, including according to the description – “treasure hunt, murder investigation, prison escape, and more”, as well as “many intriguing agents and moving parts”, so it’s not a series of hack-and-slash dungeon delves, but it will need the players to think things through.

Finally, the kickstarter includes a large amount of miniatures, with the option of receiving them painted or not, of monsters and NPCs. Some of them get pretty big too, especially some of the dragons. In addition, there are spell and power cards, terrain features, maps, a DM screen, maps, tokens, character sheets, and probably other stuff that I missed – but with so many things, can you blame me?

Now, a quick overview of prices and funding. At the point of writing, there are only 5 days left for the kickstarter, but it has reached over 1,6 million dollars, with a target of $50k – so it’s not in any danger of falling short or failing. As for prices, the basic tiers are that $25 gets you one pdf of the 3 books, $50 gets you a hardcover copy, and $69 gets you all the digital books and files. There are several other tiers and boxes, which include miniatures and extra content in various combinations, but I’ll let you take a look at that on your own.

Overall, this seems like something you should definitely take a look at – from what I’ve seen, it’s the chance to get a very large amount of content at a pretty big discount. And keep in mind there’s only 5 days left, ending at Sept. 30th, so don’t postpone for too long!

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