Kickstarter – Metro: Otherworld

Metro: Otherworld is an upcoming cyberpunk-fantasy RPG by the Son of Oak Game Studio.

Son of Oak also published the City of Mist RPG system: a classless, statless system that relies on “tags”, and on which Metro: Otherworld is based – specifically, it is powered by CoM Reloaded, a streamlined version adapted for this type of game. In City of Mist, the titular Mist turns myths and legends into reality, and the player characters are essentially everyday characters that have merged with a particular legend. In Metro:Otherworld, instead of the Mist you have the Noise, described as “the sum of all stimuli in the accelerated information age”. Instead of ordinary people gaining these mythical powers, corporations, crime syndicates and governments (is there a difference between them in cyberpunk settings?) try to control them. The players will be mercenaries who seek out the relics – whatever these might be – that are the source of this magic.

The Kickstarter project will contain two books: The first will contain the system itself, as well as a proto-setting and a starting adventure. The second book is called Tokyo:Otherworld and is purely a setting book, set it a dystopian cyberpunk Japan (well, the whole world is dystopian cyberpunk) and an alternate universe of their standard City of Mist setting. It will focus on Japanese culture, mythology and locations – and Son of Oak have stated that they are being consulted on the project, and that they do plan to expand to other cultures as well.

The Kickstarter will go live in April, and judging by the success of their previous projects and the (at the time of writing) 2000 people following and waiting for the launch, I’m pretty sure this one will go just fine. For more information, you can also check out the City of Mist Twitter account, where they have already given some information about the project, such as a first look at the Metro:Otherworld Box Set.

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