Humble Book Bundles – Pathfinder 1st Edition and Classic Traveller

I like that not only Humble Bundle is regularly creating tabletop RPG book bundles, but not all of them are for D&D 5th Edition.

Pathfinder First Edition Character Options

Even though Pathfinder has gotten a 2nd edition, there are still a lot of people still playing the 1st edition. The first bundle is comprised of a ton of PDFs that provide character options. The Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box is also included so this bundle is a nice collection starter. Moreover, there is a physical book as well for those lucky enough not to have to pay an insane amount in shipping. I’m not one of them.

You can check out the bundle here.

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Classic Traveller

This is more interesting to me than the previous one. A few weeks ago I asked Twitter which system I should try next and got some really good recommendations. One of those was Traveller. While the bundle has 41 items, what piqued my interest was the Planetarium supplements, which are, of course, GM supplements. I have played sci-fi games using Open Legend RPG but this will be quite different, from what I understand.

You can check out the bundle here.

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