Humble Book & Software Bundles – Maps and Classic Fantasy RPG

A couple of interesting bundles this time, one for aspiring cartographers and one old-school fantasy RPG collection.

Let’s start with the “Maps Spectacular” bundle. I have to say, there’s a lot of value here if you’re interested: A lifetime license for Campaign Cartographer 3+. with several add-ons like City Designer, Dungeon Designer, Modern Mapper, and more, as well as plenty of additional assets and drawing tools. It also includes The Worldbuilder’s Compendium, a 350-page pdf with a collection of articles and resources for CC3 and the rest of ProFantasy’s software. I won’t lie, I’m tempted to get it myself – for about 30€ you get about 430€ worth of stuff, and that lifetime license especially looks pretty good.

You can find the bundle here, which ends on the 1st of September.

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As for the Classic Fantasy RPG Collection, it is quite the bundle. With a total of 59 items, including adventures, encounters, characters, and maps, as well as the rules for the Old-School Essentials system for which most of the other items are designed, it sure looks like a good deal if you’re interested in some truly old-school style.

You can find the bundle here, which ends on the 25th of August.

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