#RPGaDAY 2022: Catching up, part 2!

This is part two of my attempt to catch up with RPGaDay 2022. Let’s see how far I’ll be able to go today.

9 – What is the 2nd RPG you bought?

Hmm, let’s see. If D&D editions count as different RPGs, then my 2nd RPG was 4th Edition. And to be more precise, I believe the first book of 4th Edition I bought was the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Here it is in all its glory

However, that’s way too simple. Let’s say D&D editions do not count as separate RPGs. Now, let me take a stroll to the archives and try to figure out what I bought as my 2nd RPG.

an unidentifiable amount of time later

Okay, I’m back, and the sun hasn’t even set! I think I have managed to figure out which RPG I bought second. The problem is with the wording of the question and the use of the word bought. I think there are a couple of RPGs that came into my possession before the one I will mention below but these had been gifted to me. Therefore, using RAW (rules are written), the second RPG I bought was the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games. Specifically, it was the Force Awakens Beginner Game.

The box has some wear and tear but it had to endure a lot so it’s in a relatively good condition

I have actually tried the adventure in the box set! My thoughts on the system were

  • It was an okay game but I wasn’t thrilled. Probably because…
  • I am not that into Star Wars. It’s cool and I like the memes and the spaceships but that’s far as my interest goes. Which means…
  • I am not willing to pay the Star Wars level price for the RPG. Especially since…
  • There was no Harrison Ford in the Beginner Game and I doubt there is any in the rest of the RPG. And even if…
  • The previous bullet is more or less a joke, the rest aren’t.

Still, I am happy I tried something new even if it didn’t agree with me. I am sure others enjoy it more than I and I am happy they do. And that concludes question number 9 so we can move on to…

10 – When did/will you start Gamemastering?

Immediately. Moving on!

Okay okay, I will say a couple more sentences on the matter. When I played in my first session ever I immediately liked the role of the Game Master and wanted to be one. So when I started playing with my friends I took up the mantle without hesitation. It’s something that makes me enjoy the game more and, even if I want to be a player every now and then, this is my true role.

Of course, with my only experience in RPGs being a session in another D&D edition than the one I was using, this meant I had a lot of work to do. Still, I think I managed to do well even in my first sessions.

11 – If you could live in a game setting, where would it be?

Oh, that’s easy!

I would love to live in Eberron. Eberron is a D&D setting that combines fantasy and science (sort of) with a sprinkle of pulp and noir for good measure. It has a ton of magic but the distribution of its levels isn’t normal. This means you get a ton of low-level magic, basically found in every aspect of the lives of regular people, but high magic is really hard to come by. I’d love to be an artificer trying to uncover high-level spells or magical items, but I’d probably end up murdered by an assassin from a rival House. Fun!

I have to give an honourable mention to Tales from the Loop. I really love the flavour of the setting because it combines mystery and sci-fi. At this point, I have to shame myself and say I haven’t tried it yet, no matter how much I want to.

12 – Why did you start RPGing?

I just really wanted to try and figure out what it’s all about. I didn’t have any connection with tabletop RPGs other than their computer counterparts. I hadn’t read any Forgotten Realms novels that made me want to go explore the land by myself. Nor was I a huge fan of a franchise that had an RPG. I just wanted to try playing. And when I did, I felt like the hobby suited me perfectly.

13 – How would you change the way you started RPGing?

I don’t really think I would. The way I came across tabletop RPGs is a fun story for me and the time I actually started is perfect because I started playing with my best friend and significant other. Therefore, I do not want to make any changes that would mess up this timeline, because the prices of timeline fixing have gone up significantly.

14 – Suggest a new RPG to try

Technically, this prompt tells you to tag people but how do you tag people in a blog post? So I will just suggest an RPG, with the only criteria being that it’s one I want to try. I really want to try Forbidden Lands.

I saw the Kickstarter for it but I didn’t afford it at that time. However, I managed to get the Kickstarter version from someone who was selling it unopened at a later time.

Such a cute box!

The game gives off a bit of an old school vibe but also feels different. I have started reading it in the hopes of running it before 2023. One can only hope! The books are also really nice stylistically. If you have any suggestions on running this, please let me know.

Of course, there is a dragon in the book

15 – Who would you like to Gamemaster for you?

I don’t even need to think about this one bit. I would love to have Chris Perkins game master for me. I like his style and his humor and it would be an absolute pleasure and honour to experience one of his games firsthand. Also, this would be a great opportunity to meet his dog, Milo, as well.

16 – What would be your perfect game?

This is a really hard question. I have various ideas for a perfect game but I will go with the hardest one to actually create, at least in my opinion. I’d like a sci-fi game that has mystery elements and a good system for crafting and bartering. I just want to be a space trader that also explores ruins from millennia ago in order to unearth lost blueprints that help me create weird tech stuff. Pretty please.

17 – Past, Present, or Future? When is your favourite game set?

How do you chronologically pinpoint a fantasy setting? For example, I like Eberron. It has swords and stuff, which would set it in a past era, but also a ton of magic which is the equivalent of science in the setting. Eh, let’s just say this is a past era setting. I also like the sci-fi settings my best friend makes so I can’t really decide. It all depends on the mood.

18 – Where is you favourite place to play?

For the last few years we’ve been playing online so I have kinda grown to like playing from home. I don’t have to carry all my books with me and I can also play with some of my friends that have to travel due to their work. Plus, I can play in my pajamas.

19 – Why has your favourite game stayed with you?

D&D has stayed with me because I write about it, apart from me liking the game. It’s also an easy way to get others interested in tabletop RPGs. People who watch Stranger Things have asked me stuff about D&D and have shown interest to play and I’m happy to show them how.

I will also mention Open Legend RPG here. This RPG doesn’t really have a genre, it just does what you want it to do. We use it for sci-fi games so it has stayed with us for this reason.

Oh, it seems I caught up with only two posts! Nice! Now I just need to remember to write every day for the rest of the month. Piece of cake, right?

And until next time, have fun!

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