#RPGaDay 2022: Day 20 – How long do your games last?

I am actually back on the right day to answer a question!

How long do my games last? Well, I believe 3-5 hours are good for me. Longer than that and I will get burnt out. I love GMing and because I love it I spend a lot of energy while doing it. That leaves me exhausted at the end of the session.

We have tried going for over 5 hours but things bog down. The pace slows down and everyone is more tired than they can handle. As for shorter sessions, I am interested in experimenting with running sessions that last less than 2 hours. Having less time lately due to work, this could be the way to go in order to play more often, since now I’m playing almost never. I am playing in a session tomorrow so I could discuss this with my group. Maybe that can be very interesting.

How long do your games last? I have heard stories of mythical sessions lasting 3 days. Have you had a similar experience? I’d love to hear stories about sessions like that. Tomorrow’s question is setting related again. I look forward to it.

And until next time, have fun!

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