DMs Guild Review: The Great Trial: Halloween

The Great Trial: Halloween is a 1-page dungeon from Christian Zeuch, designed for 4 level 1 characters.

This dungeon is part of a series of Great Trials, with 3 larger, interconnected adventures (The Great Trial, The Great Trial: Frostbite, and The Great Trial: Dunes) as well as another holiday-themed 1-page dungeon, The Great Trial: Christmas. The overarching story is that an elven wizard, Aenor Gleenwith, is a litle bit jealous of other well-known wizards and their dungeons, like Acererac and his Tomb of Horror or Halaster and the Undermountain. So, he sets out to create his own grand dungeon, kidnapping and forcing adventurers to test his designs.

This particular dungeon is focused on traps and undead. Players will have to use various skills to escape, solving some simple puzzles, avoiding traps, fighting enemies, and there is also the chance for some social interaction. There’s not really much to say without spoiling the dungeon, but it is a good option for a short one-shot session, with the possibility for more if you include the rest of the dungeons, turning it into a mini-campaign.

The concept is a fun one which can be adjusted to lean either towards serious or humorous easily, depending on what your players prefer. I will admit that beyond the undead, there’s not a very strong connection to Halloween, but as a one-shot dungeon it serves its purpose just fine.

To wrap things up, if you’re looking for a quick and fun one-shot for Halloween (or just in general) The Great Trial: Halloween is worth at least checking out, especially considering it’s a PWYW title.

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