What will you run for Halloween?

Halloween is close, and you want to run a session or two. Let’s take a quick look at what is available.

DMs Guild creators have done a great job at creating content that can be used on Halloween. It may have been created just for that, or it may be horrifying, spooky, or even spoopy. There is even a sale going on.

There is even one on DriveThruRPG, in case you want something that’s not D&D.

By the way, I recently got Vaesen and have been reading it. It’s quite good and would be an awesome system for spooky games. It isn’t combat-focused, which makes it more interesting to me. Maybe I will review it when I’m done reading it.

Now, back to D&D.

We have gone over a couple adventures and supplements here on the blog that would be great to use now.

One of my favourites is The Haunt. I have used the adventure and my players and I enjoyed it a lot.

You can check out the review here and the adventure itself here. But wait, there’s more! The Haunt has sequels, which are creepier than the original. There are The Haunt 2 and The Haunt 3, and the covers are much creepier than the original.

Following that, we have an adventure that I keep suggesting to people who ask me for longer adventures. Recently, someone emailed me asking this question, and Call from the Deep was one of my suggestions.

This is not an adventure you can run as a one-shot. Well, this sounds like a challenge some would gladly accept, but it would be a shame to run a 270-page adventure as a one-shot. But starting the adventure now would be nice timing. You can check out the review here and the adventure here.

Another adventure that is a good choice Invasion of Dragonscar Keep.

This can be a nice 6-hour one-shot. However, just in case, check out the review because a content warning may be in order.

Speaking of content warnings, Manor of Dread is another interesting horror adventure.

I can keep giving suggestions but this is probably more than enough. However, I really want to give a quick mention to Jeff Stevens because his work is amazing.

And I will stop here. If you are planning on running a session or two for Halloween, I hope you have a ton of fun. If not, then I hope you have a ton of fun with what you are going to do. As for me, I may play in a session, if time allows it, and I will continue reading Vaesen so I will be able to run a session soon.

And until next time, have fun!

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