Humble Book Bundle – RPG Worlds by Kobold Press and Friends

Hello there. It is I, Nicole, and I’m back with another Humble Bundle post just for you!

You can never have enough books. Chris will definitely agree with that. Now let’s see what this bundle is about. RPG Worlds has a total of 52 items, ladies and gentlemen, 52 I say, and supports Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. There’s a plethora of adventures to choose from so not only you’ll never get bored, but also your gaming sessions will be enriched with new worlds waiting for you to discover their mysteries.

Now take a look at the cover of the Book of Ebon Tides. That bearfolk is so cute! Oh and that book is all about adventuring in the Shadow Realm, so it’s a yes from me. Are you willing to explore the darkness?

What about encounters? Whether you want to add some to your campaign or you’ve decided to participate in Dungeon23, like Chris, this bundle has your back with Endless Encounters.

Could I really talk about every book in this bundle and never get bored? Definitely yes. But I’ll stop here and let you do the exploration yourself.

Stay crafty,

Nicole, your new favorite author.

You can find the bundle here, which ends around the 12th of February. At the moment, the price is around €23.05 for everything.

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