Kickstarter: Krillo’s Guide for the Adventuring Artisan

Krillo’s Guide for the Adventuring Artisan is a Kickstarter campaign by Island of Bees for a crafting supplement for fantasy RPGs.

The crafting rules are mostly system-agnostic and are divided into 7 different categories: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Herbalism, Runesmithing, Tinkering, Rituals, and Artificing, allowing players to craft and create their own magic items, potions, and all kinds of wonderful stuff. An aspect of crafting is also harvesting materials from creatures and the environment – either to use or perhaps to sell for some extra profit. You can take a peek at some of the rules for each different craft on the Island of Bees website.

I’ve taken a look myself, and I have to say, I’m interested. The systems seem to be straightforward but have a lot of details to work with, especially the tinkering one. Runesmithing and Artificing (creating magic items) are also very interesting and fun, and there are a lot of fascinating ideas and cool things you can do with them.

Now, what do you get from the Kickstarter? Well, depending on your tier, you can get 7 booklets, one for each craft I mentioned, or one big book with all of them plus Krillo’s story – available of course in digital pdf form, and in physical form, softcover for the booklets and one hardcover for the collection. In addition, you can get a bunch of other goodies, such as item and character cards, bookmarks, miniatures, and some really cool dice in various strange forms, such as an arrowhead d4, or a chainshot 2d6.

The project runs until the 19th of February, and is doing pretty well so far – and there are several interesting stretch goals to go through, hopefully. Shipping is estimated to occur by June 2023, which is pretty quick in my opinion too. If you’re interested in some crafting, go take a look at Krillo’s Guide for the Adventuring Artisan.


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