Kickstarter – Feathertail Falls

Feathertail Falls is a Kickstarter campaign for an adventure collection by Sirly Whirly that is part of this year’s Zine Quest.

The adventures take place in Feathertail Forest, a place little mice pups may know from bedtime stories, about mice that dream to fly. When you start to explore it, you will find that the unwelcoming forest has been petrified in time. It is up to you to decide if and how to reawaken it, and how to deal with the consequences as you discover more of the forest’s secrets.

The adventure collection is inspired by works such as Over the Garden Wall, Hilda and Studio Ghibli’s Arrietty, as well as the art of Júlia Sardà. The system Feathertail Falls uses is Mausritter but it is pretty rules light so you can use it with any system you want. Moreover, the free Mausritter rules can be downloaded here. To me, it looks like a very nice and easy way to try a new system.

But what exactly will the project produce? The zine is planned to be about 40 pages long and it will contain the campaign guide for the region, five adventure sites, as well as factions, creatures, treasures, and more. The basic reward, at €8, is a digital version of the zine but, depending on the backing tier, you may also get a physical version of the zine, pamphlet versions of the adventure sites, and inventory card sheets.

Moreover, Peter and Max, the duo that comprises Sirly Whirly, care a lot about accessibility and will be making sure Feathertail Falls is ADHD and colourblind friendly.

Finally, Sirly Whirly has successfully run a Zine Quest Kickstarter project in the past, which gives them the necessary experience to manage the project. Playtest material is planned to be released when an adventure site is ready and monthly updates are expected to inform the backers regarding the development.

The project runs until the 10th of March, and is really close to funding. Shipping is estimated to occur by December 2023. If you are interested in Mausritter or a cool system agnostic campaign guide, you should give Feathertail Falls a look.

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