Kickstarter: Nations and Cannons

Nations and Cannons is a project by Flagbearer Games, bringing the American Revolution into DnD 5e.

The project contains a full historical campaign setting, covering the revolution for American independence. Admittedly I’m far from an expert in American history, but the creators emphasize that historical accuracy is very important to them and a core part of the project.

In addition to the setting, there is a new class called the Firebrand, as well as detailed mechanics for blackpowder firearms, grenades, and cannons. Since there were no wizards in the revolution (presumably at least), magic has been replaced by Gambits, that function similar to spellcasting. Finally, there are Roles and Heritages to replace the traditional fantasy races.

The PDF versions of the setting and core rules start at $25, with physical copies at $60 for the American Crisis (the settingbook) and 100 if you add the Core Rules as well, with higher tiers and add-ons putting more stuff on, such as maps, extra mechanics, GM screen, et cetera.

The Kickstarter project ends at the 11th of May, and is already funded at more than double the initial target, with several stretch goals having been met. Honestly this looks like a very interesting twist on the usual DnD projects, and I really like the full historical theme. Of course, you can also use all the new mechanics in a standard fantasy campaign as well, or in a mix of historical and fantasy campaigns – so-called “flintlock fantasy”.


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