My New Year’s Resolutions

Lots of people make new year’s resolutions and many of them write about them on their blogs. I decided to follow this interesting “tradition” and come up with my resolutions for the new year. However, this is a blog about RPGs, so I will stick to this theme and write only my resolutions about the future of this blog and my “career” as a DM and gamer. Hopefully, I will fulfill most, if not all, of my goals and next December I will celebrate this marvelous achievement. So, here’s my list.

I would like to write more frequently. I don’t mean every day or many times a week, though. This blog is not my main priority, but I would love to incorporate it in my schedule. So I will start by targeting 2 to 4 posts per month. This seems like a very small amount of posts, but I prefer achieving this small goal than making grandiose promises and never keeping them. The optimal for me would be posting once a week, at the moment.

I want to make the blog more presentable. This includes making some changes that you will be able to see and some that you won’t.  I’ve already made a list I need to work on and I think that won’t take me too long.

This year, I will start having some presence on other social media too. I already have a twitter account. After January’s exams, I will start experimenting with other media too.

Another thing I’m planning for this year, is creating and uploading homebrew material. I will post them here, in a format I haven’t decided yet, when I have the Alpha version ready. There will be some playtesting, and then I will publish them in PDF form. Hopefully, the final product will look like content from the official books.

What I’m also looking forward to is map making. I like maps and I would love to make some for my homebrew worlds. Since I have almost no experience in drawing, it may take a while to have satisfactory results. When I believe my maps are, at least, presentable, I will start uploading them here.

And now the big one. I want to play. Up until now, we’ve only played when there was a holiday or a huge chunk of free time. But for this year, I want to incorporate gaming in my schedule and not just play “whenever”. My hope is that my players and I will be able to play once a month.

These are my resolutions for this year, regarding this blog and gaming. I believe these are achievable goals and I’ll be happy working on them this year.

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