Another update

I just want to inform you that I won’t be very active until the first week of February. Damn you semester exams! Damn you!! I will, however, try to show signs of life on twitter. But this doesn’t mean I will stop making plans.

Hopefully, I will finish a couple of posts, before the exams start, so I can drop them when I won’t have time to write during the exam period. But I can’t promise that. I’m also planning on doing the Dungeons & Dragons 30 day challenge. That I can promise.

Moreover, I finally ordered the Out of the Abyss and Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide books and they will arrive some time in February. I’m very excited about for two reasons. The first reason is that want to run Out of the Abyss for my players. The second one is that I want to write a review about them. I’m, also, thinking about logging my group’s adventures through the Underdark but I’ll see about that.

I’ve also bought more stuff that I want to show you and will do a review on some of them. Anyone following me on twitter know at least one.

 Finally, the homebrew I was planning to enter the contest I had mentioned will be delayed a little more than I was thinking. That’s because I’m going to do some research to check if I can create something bigger that what I had in mind. I don’t want to reveal anything more about it, because I don’t have anything solid yet.

That’s all for now. I have many ideas in my head but I won’t mention them, since they are not very clear yet. But after my exams I will have time to breath, brainstorm and finally start doing all those things I’ve talked about here and in my new year’s resolutions.

So until the next time, have fun!

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