Unearthed Arcana: March???

On Monday there was no Unearthed Arcana article. In its place there was a review on material from the DMs Guild. Also from now on and every other month, Mike Mearls and Chris Lindsay will review some of the most interesting and fun material on the DMs Guild. This month, three supplements were reviewed.

The first one is Blood Magic. This supplement contains a wizard tradition, a sorcerous origin and a fighter archetype, all blood themed of course. Additionally, there are suggestions on how to create a Blood Mage, a variation for using blood as spell components and four new magic items! The rating for this supplement is 3.5/5, at the moment. It’s a pay what you want item so feel free to download it and, if you think it’s a good one, help its creator by giving some money.

The second one is Book of Beasts: Demon Repository. This one contains six demons from previous editions along with background and information to help DMs use them. The Challenge Rating varies from 1/2 to 14 so you can find use for the supplement in different levels. The current rating for this one is 4.5/5.

Last but not least is Battle for the Undercity. It is an adventure for levels 7th to 9th which consists of three separate missions and takes place underground in a section of a major city. Apart from the necessary information about the adventure, it also contains some monster variants, a new faction and many more. The adventure is designed for any Forgotten Realms campaign but I doubt it can’t be used in the world the DM wants. It’s rating is 5/5 and I don’t think it will drop.

That’s all about the material from me but you can read more in the Unearthed Arcana article. However, I’d like to comment on this change in the UA column. Their decision on not providing new content monthly and presenting material from the DMs Guild, objectively, is a win-win situation for the D&D team. I say objectively because the greedy fanboy part of me wants new material every month, even If I don’t always get to use it. Anyway, by doing that they accomplish two things.

The first one is that they give some time to the design team so they can get new ideas flowing and also rest from what I consider quite a stressful monthly deadline. The team is not very big and they have much to do so even this change could relieve them a lot. I’m willing to get six instead of twelve Unearthed Arcana articles per year, as long as they keep their quality high.

The second thing this change accomplishes is extra publicity for the DMs Guild. The Guild is here to stay and it needs all the publicity it can get. By reviewing, every other month, material that is published there instead of providing new content, people that wouldn’t usually visit the store may find themselves browsing it. That happened to me. I had a couple of weeks to check the site but the last three days I’ve been there at least 10 minutes each of those days.

And that publicity also affects the content makers because if their material is picked for a review, it will get a lot more publicity than it would usually get.

So these are the three items of March’s review and my thoughts on the changes on Unearthed Arcana. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this one because the column is something I’ve taken a liking to. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the comment section below or you can also contact me on my email.

And until next time, have fun!

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