Chris Perkin’s AMA of 8/3/2016

Due to technical difficulties, the campaign that was supposed to begin on Tuesday 8/3/2016 was postponed to next week. For anyone who is not informed yet, Chris Perkins is going to be the DM for the Curse of Strahd campaign on twitch. It was supposed to start this Tuesday but there were a lot of technical problems. So, when it was finally clear that the game could not begin that day, Chris Perkins did a small AMA in its place.

The AMA was supposed to be about Curse of Strahd but there were some more questions. So I noted down some of the questions that I thought they were interesting. Most of the questions I didn’t write down were about how to manage some parts of the new adventure. So here’s what I noted down.

  • Chris said that they did not expand on Barovia much because, since it’s open now on the DMs Guild, they want other people to create their own material.
  • Chris is going to appear as a player in an online D&D game.
  • There are plans about more Acquisitions Incorporated podcasts.
  • There were two questions that were kinda the same. The first one was if there’s any material about Eberron going to be published. The second one was almost the same but about the Dark Sun setting. The answer was that Chris does not know and that things change all the time. An example he gave about this was that an adventure that was planned for 2017 was moved to 2018 because it would fit better then.

From what he said about Curse of Strahd, I didn’t note down much. Most of the questions about the adventure that I left out were on how some parts of it should be ran. You can watch the whole AMA on twitch if you are interested about that. Here is what I wrote.

  • Pay close attention to what the book says about Strahd. He doesn’t want to kill the characters. He wants to torment them by letting the characters visit different places in Barovia and experience what’s going on there. That’s why he tries to get adventurers to his realm.
  • Because of the above, if the characters end up visiting his castle at a low level he won’t kill them. He will let them experience the horrors in there and then chase them out.
  • Strahd is damaged beyond repair. And that’s one of the reasons why this adventure is a love story about Strahd and himself.
  • The first time the D&D team met with Tracy Hickman to talk about Curse of Strahd was in 2014.

And that’s pretty much it. I’ll leave you with one more thing Chris said during the AMA which I find very wise and every DM should try to follow it. “The great DMs are listeners. They let the players talk and learn things and get ideas”.

So until next time, have fun!

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