PAX East 2016 Acquisitions Incorporated Announcements

I just finished watching one of the best Acquisitions Inc. games ever. It was awesome and, if any of you didn’t catch it live, I suggest watching it as soon as possible. Also, as Chris Perkins said in his Twitch AMA, he finally got to be a player! But I don’t want to talk about how awesome the game was. What I want to talk about is the two interesting announcements that were made at the end of the event.

The first one is that the two awesome adventures of the game are up on the DMs Guild! And they are free! So go grab How Not to Host a Murder and ISTAR Facilities. They can be fun oneshots.

The second announcement is something that Chris Perkins also had mentioned in his Twitch AMA. The Acquisitions Incorporated adventures are going to return some time in June.And from what we saw, they are most probably going to be in video format. I don’t think they are going to be live games and I don’t know if they will be available as podcast episodes too. However, I’m sure they’re going to be awesome. I guess that further information will be provided soon, so all we have to do is wait.

This Acquisitions Incorporated PAX game had many surprises. The bar of awesomeness was raised once more so I’m expecting a lot from the next one. I have a lot questions and I may be shooting some of them to Chris Perkins on twitter. If I get any interesting answers, I may make updates here.

And until next time, have fun!

Update: We have the Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series Teaser


5 thoughts on “PAX East 2016 Acquisitions Incorporated Announcements

  1. Yesterday’s game is one of my favorite AI games. Perkins just killed it! He will also upload his character soon.


  2. It was so great to watch them play in person for the first time! They had me laughing for the entire game. Definitely worth the wait in line, and my favorite part of PAX East this year. Can’t wait for the series.

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    • You’re so lucky! I wish I could go to PAX. I’m very excited about the series too. I enjoyed the podcasts a lot and now they’re doing something even better!

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      • I hope you do get to go to PAX at some point! It was a crazy three days, both fantastic and exhausting. I’m not a super social person so I spent a lot of time in the panels and on the exhibition hall floor rather than in big groups of friends, and the AI game was the highlight!

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