DMs Guild Supplement Review: 18 Cursed Magic Items

Magic items are cool. Everyone likes them. But cursed magic items are a Dungeon Master’s favorite.

You can create some pretty interesting, funny and miserable situations for your players using cursed items. And 18 Cursed Magic Items by Jeff C. Stevens can help you with that.

This supplement offers a collection of items that can be dropped any time 18CursedMagicItemsin your adventure. The items are balanced so they won’t create any power problems. Also, their variety makes sure you can find an item for every character.

The curses themselves are balanced as well. They are annoying enough so that the characters will look into getting rid of them but also not so annoying that the players will get tired of trying to play while their characters are cursed.

Some of them are more annoying than the others. For example, the Bag of Not-So Holding can be a real pain. However, it’s not something that can’t be confronted and can also lead to a side quest and even an extra villain.

Others made me laugh. The Beauty of My Eye Ring, the Key to Something and My Little Teacup are really funny. If given to a good role player they can lead to hilarious moments.

Also, I really like the fact that the author has added personal thoughts for some of the items. It provides inspiration and also maybe another perspective on how the items can be used.

Overall, 18 Cursed Magic Items offers some pretty good content for its price(1$). If you want to spice up your adventure with some fun cursed items, this supplement can prove to be a good source.

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