DMs Guild Review – Friends and Foes

Friends and Foes is a supplement by Cawood Publishing.

This supplement provides 200 NPCs of levels 1-6. They are divided into three categories. The first one contains friendly NPCs, the second one enemies, and the last one is comprised of monstrous NPCs. Of course, the friends can be used as enemies and vice versa at the game master’s discretion.

Each NPC takes up one page. It comes with a stat block and another box that contains other information about their personality, character, background, and equipment.

In the first two categories, there are NPCs per Player’s Handbook class, going from level 1 to level 6. The third category that contains NPC versions is a bit different, since monsters don’t have actual classes. For each monster in the book, there are two NPCs for it, presented in the same way with the other entries.

The layout is pretty simple, lacking any internal art, other than a few full page pieces. However, this works in favor of someone who wants to print and cut out the NPCs and their bio and have them on the table this way.

Finally, at the end of the supplement there are five d100 roll tables you can use to create more NPCs. These roll tables determine the characteristics, race, class, background, and appearance of an NPC.

Overall, I believe Friends and Foes is a handy tool for a game master who wants to have a few extra ready NPCs just in case. And with 200 of them, they probably won’t run out any time soon. Plus, I think it’s also a huge time saver, comparing the time it would take you to create 200 NPCs to the price of the supplement itself.

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