#RPGaDay 2020: Day 10 – Want

I want a lot of stuff!

This falls into the category of the Random Ramblings column, because I am just going to ramble like a madman and talk about the things I want.

First of all, I want to play, to have a stable gaming schedule. I’m really not asking for much, just to game once a month.

I also want to be able to write more. Currently, I’ve found myself in a transitional situation so a lot of things are still in the air. Though I have a lot in mind, just you wait.

Moreover, I want to try more systems. I’ve read some and tried some others, but I feel like I haven’t tried as many as I want. That’s probably because I don’t game much these days.

Awesome map logo (click on it)

And, finally, a thing I really want is for the online communities to become less toxic. Let’s be honest, this isn’t going to happen but a kind GM can dream. Some online communities, and especially on Twitter, have become exceptionally vile these last couple of years. That goes for fandoms as well. I’ve seen some really bad stuff recently, some in the form of “If you haven’t watched Critical Role then you shouldn’t be playing D&D” and it saddens me a lot.

And these are some of the stuff I want. Most of them may seem unattainable sometimes. But if you don’t dream you won’t move forward. Coming up next is the word “stack”. Insert MtG reference here.

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